Off season? What off season? When it’s coolish, we at Cape Fear Riverboats take a little time to spruce up, freshen up, and maintain our fleet. And now it’s nearly March, when our Cape Fear River sightseeing cruises resume!

Get ready to climb aboard the Capt. J.N. Maffitt, the John Knox and Jacob’s Run and cruise the Cape Fear River, famous as a lifeline for our region for more than 300 years. Bring along your family or out-of-town guests. Here are 8 great reasons to take a river cruise with the oldest continuously running cruise company in Wilmington, NC:

1. Take a Cruise for the Views

The Cape Fear River is pretty special, with shorebirds, natural views, the Battleship, the State Port, and a completely amazing view of downtown Wilmington. Bring along binoculars or a camera, or just sit back and take it all in.

2. Another Reason to Head Downtown: A Sightseeing Cruise

Cape Fear Riverboats

If you love downtown Wilmington, you already know about the shopping, dining, museums, and whirl of events downtown. Maybe you just love to stroll the Riverwalk and watch the scenery and the people. Add a cruise to your day’s schedule! Stop by our ticket booth on the Riverwalk at the foot of Dock Street and ask about cruise times, or call (910) 343-1611 for the latest information.

3. Meet Your Friends at the Dock and Step Aboard

Cape Fear River private charters

When you’re meeting friends downtown, get everybody on the same page by meeting at the Cape Fear Riverboats dock at Water and Dock Streets. You can’t miss it, and even stragglers will want to be on time so they won’t miss the cruise!

4. Take Your Best Girl (or Guy) on a Sightseeing Cruise

A Cape Fear River sightseeing cruise is a great idea for a special occasion or just a creative date. Invite your sweetheart and snuggle up in a cozy corner. Smooching? We’ll look the other way.

5. Picnic on a Cape Fear River Cruise

Bring along a box lunch and beverages of your choice. A spring sightseeing cruise is a perfect opportunity for a picnic.

6. Take a Break from the Hustle & Bustle with a River Cruise

When you’re at a crowded event downtown, or just a busy day of shopping and sightseeing, it’s fun to take a break, sit on a Cape Fear Riverboat for an hour, and recharge.

7. It’s Educational for Kids—And You

Our Captain provides educational and entertaining narration about local marine and bird life, the history of the river and environs, and fun facts about movies and TV shows filmed in Wilmington.

8. A Cape Fear River Cruise is a Best Value Deal

At $10 per person, a Cape Fear Riverboat sightseeing cruise is a great deal! Bring your friends and family along for an inexpensive treat unlike any other. See you this spring!

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