Enjoy the Cape Fear, and the Black River .

Come join us one of our historic, narrated scenic cruises! Get tickets to set sail, but don’t forget you can purchase delicious food and your favorite drinks before heading out and take those with you onboard. You can even bring along your own for the ride, too!

1- Hour Narrated Sightseeing Cruise

Enjoy a relaxing hour cruising with family and friends on the historic Cape Fear River, one of North Carolina’s true treasures!

4-Hour Black River Nature Cruise

Head up river and see parts of North Carolina that are practically impossible to explore any other way.

50-Minute Scenic Evening Cruise

A stunning sunset cruise on the Cape Fear River is the perfect way to begin your night.

1-Hour Cape Fear River Sightseeing Cruise

Welcome aboard the Capt. J.N. Maffitt, and Jacob’s Run, from the oldest continuously running cruise company in Wilmington, NC. You will be cruising on the Cape Fear River, famous as a vital lifeline for the South for more than 300 years. For an hour, sit back, relax, and take it all in. It truly is an area of the world like no other!

In addition to the beautiful views, you will enjoy educational and entertaining narration by our captains, with the chance to learn about:

  • The importance of the Cape Fear River
  • The local marine, bird and animal life
  • As well as the history of the area from discovery to present times
  • History and fun facts about movies and tv shows filmed in Wilmington

While you wait to board your cruise boat, be sure to enjoy delicious food and drinks from our dockside restaurant partner, “Anne Bonny’s Bar & Grill”. That includes beer, wine, and cocktails with full ABC permits. Here is where you can purchase any food or drinks you may want to take onboard your cruise. You can also bring along your own food and drinks! We also offer clean, handicap-friendly restrooms at our boarding area.

We look forward to having you aboard to experience the river’s beauty and charm with the best southern hospitality around. Our historic 1-hour cruises are world-famous, so be sure you bring your cameras, as photo opportunities abound!

Cost: $12.00 per person

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4-Hour Black River Nature Cruise

Our captains take you up river to the remote Black River for a pristine adventure. You’ll see parts of North Carolina nature that are practically impossible to explore any other way! Experience the beauty and natural history of the Cape Fear region during a narrated nature cruise along these scenic and historic coastal rivers aboard the Capt. J.N. Maffitt or Jacob’s Run. Cruises are scheduled twice a month from May thru October on a Wednesday morning. Since it’s a 4-hour trip, feel free to bring your own food and drink onboard for this enjoyable cruise!

On this 4 hour Black River Nature Cruise, just minutes after leaving the dock, guests will experience:

  • Miles of scenic wilderness
  • Narration on the plant and wildlife
  • And a river that appears almost as it did to the early explorers!

Nature enthusiasts and photographers alike will enjoy the slow-moving, amber-colored waters, framed by spectacular swamp forests highlighted with seasonal wildflowers and relict old-growth cypress trees.

Did you know that alligators, bobcats, black bears, river otters, rare birds and other wildlife live in the wilderness just minutes away from downtown Wilmington? That’s just one of the surprising facts guests will learn on our Black River Nature Cruise.

Cost: $50.00 per person

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Scenic Evening Cruise

1-Hour Cape Fear River Sunset Cruise

On our Scenic Evening Cruise, you will get the chance to experience the river in its most serene state as Mother Nature slows down and prepares for the evening. It’s not unusual to see wildlife preparing for the evening on the side of the Cape Fear River. On special nights when the sun is setting, the sky and River both look like they’re exploding with fire. The colors are vibrant, special, and memorable. It’s a great time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine or other tasty beverages you brought aboard while listening to our experienced captain’s narration.

While you wait for your boat to board, enjoy the Anne Bonny’s Bar & Grill. It serves a selection of beer, wine, and soda along with the best riverside burger in North Carolina! Clean and handicap restrooms are available at the boarding area.

Don’t forget to bring your camera as photo opportunities abound.

Join us aboard and experience the river’s beauty and charm with the best southern hospitality around!

Cost: $12.00 per person

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