The Cape Fear Riverboats Blog

What you need to know about downtown Wilmington, NC and the Cape Fear River.

Must Try Cocktails On The Cape Fear Riverwalk

Imagine you are thirsty. Very thirsty. You have the kind of thirst that can’t be quenched by a desert oasis, ice water with lemon, or even a cold Coke. It’s the kind of thirst that can be satisfied only by imbibing a delicious adult beverage in downtown Wilmington,...

Best Places to Sip Soup in Downtown Wilmington

If you find yourself in downtown Wilmington, NC this winter, the first question you may ask is, “Where can I take a cruise on the Cape Fear River?” The answer, of course, is at Cape Fear Riverboats. Our ticket booth is the foot of Dock Street. To check cruise times...

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